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We’ve all heard the age-old quote ‘Timing is everything’, but it simply couldn’t be any more accurate for your wedding day!

We have a Three Step Guide to hook you up!


STEP ONE –  Select An Early Ceremony Time


Don’t worry what time your guests have to leave at to make your wedding, how far they have to travel or the wait time for their dinner – those who matter don’t mind & those who mind don’t matter!

We want to get you back to enjoy as much of that drinks reception as possible & an early ceremony gives you the best chance! We recommend 1pm ceremony, 1.30pm at the latest (Earlier again is better if you’re having a winter wedding – it gets dark very early during those months) First Looks are also a super use of time, especially in Winter.

Even if you have selected a late Ceremony time, Step 2 & 3 will help anyway, so keep reading!



STEP TWO – Be Ready To Get Into Your Dress 1 Hour Before You Plan To Leave For The Ceremony


This is the BIG one!

When working out times with your hair stylist & make-up artist, make sure to mention that you need to be fully hair & make up ready one hour before you plan to leave. You’ll need help with the dress, so your bride squad need to be fully ready and dressed at this time as well. Mams & Dads too, to get some shots with you when you are ready! We aren’t going to predict start times for the hair or make up as it will vary with what style of hair & make up everyone chooses, so we think the best method to working times out is telling them the time you need everyone to be finished at, and then let them work backwards.

You have spent a lot of time, thought & energy on your wedding dress, so the last thing you want is to have to literally hop into it! Allowing plenty of time here means you can enjoy this special part of the day with your bridal party and family members & for us, we can get lots of shots & footage of key moments before we must head to the ceremony (we always need to leave a minimum of 25 mins before you)

STEP THREE – Don’t Be Too Late For The Ceremony!


Aim to be there on time, and we guarantee you’ll still be fashionably late walking up the aisle!

Aim to be late, and you’ll be dead late!

The later the ceremony starts, the less drinks reception you get to enjoy…sad but true L


We can say this in all sincerity about most things related to times on a wedding day – If in doubt, go early

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