Frequntly Asked Questions



So, you're a wedding videographer, we've got that! Can tell us more about yourself?!

Of course! I'm a mammy to two little girls, Emily & Annalise, a sister to two over protective big brothers, an auntie to three little gems and a daughter of two of the coolest folks you could wish for!
I love reading books, listening to music, learning new things & motivational quotes! You just can't have enough positivity in your life! Winnie The Pooh is the man and one of my favourite quotes is
“You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes”
That's why Doyenne Films was born!


Speaking of Doyenne Films, where did the name come from?

Glad you asked! A doyenne is a prominent woman in her particular field of work, so essentially, my goal is try reach this status within wedding videographers! A big ask, but I like a challenge!


You're obviously a female wedding videographer..any benefits over the men?

Hmmmm, interesting question.. I don't really know is the answer! I suppose some brides may feel more at ease with a woman at prep for instance, & I might take more of an interest in the details and back story to where everything came from, but no man bashing here! Wedding videography is certainly male dominated, so maybe scarcity value is one thing in my favour!
I'm just me, really, and so far so good!


Whats the story with your package names?!

Well observed! I named them after famous doyennes of course! You should've guessed!

Amelia is Amelia Earhart
Rosie is Rosie Hackett
Valentina is Valentina Tereshkova

Google them if you have a few minutes! Fascinating ladies who led the way for us girls!


What's the most popular package?

Rosie sweeps the board here! She covers all the bases, from start to finish.


What's your style of videography – we see plenty of terminology thrown around which can be off putting?!

I don't blame you! There are 2 main styles – cinematic & documentary. Cinematic is more couple focussed and would use audio from the day (vows, speeches) as the back bone of the story being told. Documentary is more traditional, it's a longer form film, essentially a legacy film, telling the story in chronological order from start to finish, with plenty of music, and your ceremony and speeches typically in full included. I prefer the more natural candid approach to wedding films so I'm in Team Doc! Being there and capturing your day but not being too intrusive either.


What time do you arrive at on the morning of the wedding?

I need to leave about 45 minutes ahead of you to get set up for the ceremony, so typically, I will arrive about 3 hours before your ceremony time.


When do we get the films?

I need to ensure quality, so 4 months from your wedding date is the estimated delivery date. This will vary seasonally, but I will be touching base for music selections after the wedding and will have more accurate delivery dates then.


You mentioned music - do we get to pick the music for the films?

For your main documentary feature film, absolutely. I want you to listen to music you specifically enjoy – & anyway, if it were up to me, there would be a Taylor Swift fest happening!
For your short film, we use licenced music to ensure that you can share online without issue.


How do you deliver the films?

You will get sent a link to a personalised online gallery, with all your films, that is password protected You will also be sent a USB as a storage mechanism. I would also encourage to back up to more devices. You simply can't have enough copies.


Will we get a contract?

You will! It is online & comes with your invoice & payment gateway link in one email. The contract protects us both, and keep us on the same page.


What is the payment policy?

€400 booking fee when you want to book, and the remainder due on or before your wedding day


Are there any extra costs like travel etc?

No, not a penny. What you see is what you get!


Are you insured?

I am, to be sure! Have to do things right if you want to be a doyenne, you know! No cutting corners!


Should we provide you with a meal?

Always appreciated, but never expected. A main course in the bar would be ideal – I'm a plain Jane burger and chips kinda person! If your venue has not got bar food, & you choose not to provide a meal, I may have to leave for food. No issue there from me, but it's not ideal to be away from the action!


OK, Sold! How do we book?

Use the contact form to get in touch & we go from there!


Finally, one last question! Tell us your why? Why do you do what you do?!

I want to make a wedding film that I would like to receive – full of my favourite people in one place at one time having an absolute ball, with fantastic surroundings, music, laughter & dancing. I want my films to be an honest reflection of your day that you have put the most unbelievable amount of thought and effort into. I want to do your day justice, really. I feel blessed to be able to contribute to making lifelong memories for you. It's a responsibility I don't take lightly & each wedding is a new story for me to tell.